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China Railway 20th Bureau Group was founded in 1948, and formerly known as the 10th Division of People's Liberation Army Railway Unit. We are now a member of Fortune Global 500 companies-a wholly owned subsidiary of China Railway Construction Corporation Limited. We possess a various types of 92 qualifications, including 30 super-grade qualifications for general contracting of railway projects and municipal public projects and the first grade qualifications for construction general contracting of highway projects, housing-building projects and water resource projects, etc., 44 qualifications for professional contracting of bridge project, tunnel projects, urban rail transit projects, railway electrification and electricity projects, etc. We also possess 5 engineering qualifications, including Grade A ( Ⅱ) qualification for railway industry, Grade A qualification for construction projects, Grade A qualification for municipal (bridge) projects, Grade B qualification for geological investigation and engineering, and other 13 qualifications, including Grade A qualification for geological disaster control project construction, Grade A blasting work permit, certificate for foreign contracting projects, permit for contracting (repair, test) of power facilities, qualification for urban landscaping, Grade B qualification for real estate development and Grade B production license for crane manufacturing, installation, modification and maintenance.
We have nearly 20,000 staffs, including 955 senior engineers, 632 registered constructors. We hold the registered capital of 1.13 billion Yuan, the total assets of 22.59 billion Yuan, all kinds of 5651 (sets) large construction equipments, and the annual construction capacity of 3.5 billion Yuan.
We have 16 subsidiaries and 12 regional project headquarters, 5 subordinate units and 4 joint ventures. We also have a number of overseas project headquarters (project manager departments) in Angola, Mongolia, Mozambique, Pakistan and Algeria. Our subsidiaries and we have passed a trinity of quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification. In 2011, we had been certified as one of National High-Tech Enterprises. In 2014, we had been recognized as one of National Enterprise Technical Centers.
In the past more than 60 years, we have successfully participated in construction of more than 100 railways for providing the good "Four Electrifications" construction services for more than 40 railways. We also have successfully participated in construction of more than 100 highways and more than 500 projects such as urban light rail, metros, municipal, airport, water resources, electric power, etc., We have trained a large number of professional technical and management personnel, accumulated plentiful experience in construction and management. The projects that we have ever constructed won lots of honors by the nation, provinces and ministries.
In recent years, we have explored lots of new business areas and new industries in a positive way and with new ideas. We have achieved better results in domestic project contracting, overseas business and real estate development, industrial manufacturing, logistics trade, rail transportation, environmental protection and ecology, urban parking, project testing, engineering consulting, education and training and other non-project business development and won a new platform and a space for its harmonious, healthy and rapid development.